Novogen has maintained its strong position in its field since May 2009 when it was founded based on its expert and experienced personnel, principles, the importance that it places to ethical values and successes that it has achieved. It provides services in the fields of pathology, cytology and histology to State Hospitals, University Hospitals, Private Laboratories and Research Laboratories in Turkey that constitute its main field of activity.

Our Company


Novogen Diagnostik commits itself to perpetuate the superiority of our product and service quality that its customers believe to be the most effective factor in its long-term and constant success in the field of pathology, cytology and histology; to maximize know-how and technical experience of our company with its modern technological powers; to search products that will meet changing and evolving demands of our customers; to perpetuate union of forces created by team understanding in order to develop existing products and services; to work with the awareness of the fact that service quality and reliability are connected to life and life quality of people; to offer top quality products and top quality services; to invigorate its material and moral resources and skills to reach perfectionism and to mobilize all of our strength to offer the best service.

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