Acetic acid, 1% solution (used with Masson trichrome and Masson-Goldner kits)

Masson-Goldner and Masson-Goldner Trichrome kits are used for visualization of muscles, collagen fibers and connective tissues, gametes, nuclei, neurofibrils, neuroglia, collagen, keratin intracellular fibrils and negative visualization of the Golgi apparatus. Masson Trichrome staining method utilizes Aniline Blue dye that binds to collagen, making it distinctively blue, while Masson-Goldner Trichrome utilizes Fast Green F.C.F. dye, making collagen green. The kits are also used for visualization of increased collagen build up associated with functioning tissue being mistaken for scar tissue (liver sclerosis diagnosis), but also for differentiating smooth muscle fibers and collagens. Acetic acid, 1% solution is a part of the mentioned kits. Its function is differentiation and removal of excessive dye from the section, which in turn makes microscopical image of the section better.


Used with Masson Trichrome and Masson-Goldner staining kits.