Alcian Blue - P.A.S. kit

One of the most frequently used chemical methods in histology is P.A.S. staining. Combined with Alcian Blue pH 2.5 solution on a single section enables differentiation between neutral nad acid mucins, glycogens and glycoproteins. Alcian Blue dye stains acid mucins that turn insoluble and resistant to remaining reagents during P.A.S. staining procedure. Oxidizing properties of periodic acid enable characteristic magenta staining combined with BioSchiff reagent. Nuclei are stained with Hematoxylin ML (Mayer-Lillie) that does not interfere with Alcian Blue dye.


Seven-reagent Alcian Blue – Periodic Acid-Schiff kit for staining acid mucopolysaccharides according to Mowry. Enables differentiation between acid mucins (stained light blue) and neutral mucins, glycogens and glycoproteins (stained red).